Foreign Names in Genealogy

I was just using a website for my own research when I realized I had to share it with other genealogists.

I often have foreign names pop up in my research. Fortunately or not, most of these names are anglicized after the ancestors have been living in the United States for a while.

The website¬†Behind the Name: The Etymology and History of First Names¬†solves many of my “What is this name in English?” Or, “What’s this English name in Spanish?” issues.

For example, I needed to know what “Felix” was in Italian. Turns out “Felix” is “Felice” in Italian. VERY helpful! This information helped me locate a record I wouldn’t have found otherwise. The website also tells you the meaning and etymology of the name.

There are numerous countries represented on this website; not just Italian and Spanish.

I suggest you give this website a try next time you deal with foreign names in your research. It is informative and useful at the same time.

Happy Hunting!