Genealogical Services Offered

  • Genealogical Research Services
    (Includes United States and Foreign Repositories):

I offer a free, 60-minute, no obligation consultation call or face-to-face meeting to discuss your genealogical goals.

This initial research period is when I evaluate the complexity of your goals and review the ancestral data (client forms) provided to me. I will then determine the amount of time I believe it will take me to meet your needs beyond your highest expectations.

My hourly fee is based upon milestones you and I discuss beforehand. I love what I do, and my clients benefit from this passion! I often add layers to stories making your experience working with me even more meaningful and exciting. “Milestones” include generational research, for example.

I will work very closely with you if you want to be a part of the “archeological dig excitement.” Or you can sit back and simply enjoy the final reports.

Again, it’s all about you.

I have worked with clients for a few weeks all the way up to 5 years. I am at your service when you hire me. You can count on my full attention and dedication to uncovering your ancestry.  And you can rest assured that I follow the genealogical proof standard when conducting research at all times. I am proud that my education, experience, and results can help you.

I encourage potential clients to submit their requests to “experts” who advertise on popular ancestry websites. Shop around. You will undoubtedly find my fees to be significantly more reasonable, and the results to be significantly more personalized, detailed, extensive, accurate, and meaningful to you and your family.

I only work on one project at a time.

This sets me apart from the majority of professional genealogists. Your quest becomes my quest. I honor your ancestors from day one. I will work hard for you from the very first phone call until the final results are your hand.

• In Addition to Extensive Family Ancestry:

I also do lookups for Santa Cruz County, California for $40 per hour (not including fee for records found). I can photograph a loved one’s headstone, find probate files, land records, or local obituaries, to name only a few of my local services.

Thank you for considering me to be your family’s genealogist and historian.


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