“Just last month, I decided that this year, I wanted to research my mother’s ancestry and prepare a family tree for her this Christmas. I had learned through Facebook that a long time friend of mine, Jennifer Cobas, was a genealogist, so I made the decision to hire her. It was the best decision I could have ever made. She is an amazing researcher and professional. Her own excitement about history and what she does as a professional genealogist was immediately inspiring. She got started on the project right away and sent me a detailed, personalized proposal that included my stated goals in the project as well as cost.

I was amazed at how quickly Jennifer began gathering information. She made me feel a part of every discovery she made, and it only added to the excitement of the project. Jennifer went above and beyond my expectations, and in the end, presented me with a beautiful, thoroughly researched notebook of family trees and information that traced ancestors all the way back to the 1500’s. Not only did we discover American Revolutionary Patriots, we also discovered ancestors that had been living and thriving in Jamestown before the arrival of the Mayflower. In fact, one of our ancestors was directly involved in the building and ownership of the Mayflower!

It is truly the best gift I will ever give to my mom, and my children: the gift of their history and heritage to cherish and pass on to future generations. I am so honored to have reconnected with Jennifer and worked with her on this project. She is truly a master of her craft, and she has my highest recommendation and gratitude.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Kristin Caraway
Goodyear, Arizona


“As a genealogist I found Jennifer to be inventive, enthusiastic, and relentless in finding my ancestry. The final results are informative and well-written.  An A+!”

Boulder, Colorado


“Being a dedicated family genealogist since 1989, I have always done my own research. While helping cousins with their Santa Cruz County line, I found Jennifer – or rather she found me as she is connected to every resource in that county and more.

I know that one of the most valuable resources are local newspaper articles and also graves. Not being able to get myself to Santa Cruz for several weeks, I decided to hire Jennifer to help me. I knew by seeing her work on Find A Grave that she would take my research farther by leaps and bounds, and I was not disappointed!

From the moment she got started, I was thrilled to receive so much information from such a broad spectrum of resources. Being an accomplished genealogist herself, she knew instinctively what I might be wanting next, and always went that extra mile to find it.

Her presentation of the material that she sent to me was very professional and careful laid out. She did an excellent job scanning material and photos for me.

She has a keen eye for possible other family line connections and several of those were included in her research for me; I have since made a link with them saving me countless hours of research.

Her enthusiasm for the work and the way she took on the line/research as if it were her own was just a thrill.

On top of it all – she is a warm and approachable researcher and person, making it a pleasure to do business with her. I highly recommend Jennifer Cobas to do your genealogical research.”

Chris Ordway Klukkert
Lompoc, California


“I have just started back to do ancestry research. It’s been over 8 years since I have done anything at all.  I found that things have really progressed during this period.

I started by going to a meeting at the Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz County.  I met Jennifer Cobas at the meeting.  She talked to me at length and explained to me that many records I had previously sent for were now online.  She inspired me to get started again.

Jennifer has a lot of experience and has been studying researching of genealogy information.  She plans to work in this field, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.  She found my great-grandfather’s Civil War records as well the time he stayed in the “Old Soldier’s Home” for kidney disease.  Now I know where I got my sandy hair and blue eyes, as well as the diabetes that I just had diagnosed.

Jennifer is patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.  She gets as excited as I when she or I find things.

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs research done or just some assistance.”

Virginia LeRoy
Scotts Valley, California


“A very important part of my profession is helping others to recognize how they are entangled in the fate of the ancestors that came before them and are without full awareness of how they are being caught in the web of painful, repressed issues.

I so wanted to know more facts about my own family of origin but felt blocked because of the political upheaval and wars of their time.  Thanks to Jennifer, I am thrilled to feel deeply connected to the many names and facts that I thought were lost in a sea of time.

Again, thank you so much, Jennifer!”

Jan Rupp
Caretaking the Soul
Boulder, Colorado


Ruthenian Woman at Ellis Island

“I hired Jennifer earlier this year to produce a family history for my aunt’s 80th birthday. The project was to be a birthday surprise which presented a small problem in my view, my aunt was the only real source of information for our family history. Jennifer was able to work off the small amount of information I had and chase down multiple generations in eastern Europe. She was tireless in tracking down leads and was as excited as we were about the project. Jennifer gave us more history than we had ever hoped to recover.

My aunt was thrilled and declared the work a “treasure”.

If your are thinking about exploring your roots, Jennifer can get it done for you.”

Service Category: Genealogy
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Arlene Turnichak
Los Angeles, California


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